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CARPET & RUG CLEANING (Protection Treatments also Available)

Gleaming Cleaning cleans carpets and rugs using a very effective method known as spray extraction. Low foam shampoo is sprayed deep into the fibres to free embedded soil particles, it is then sucked out immediately. This is far superior to any 'dry clean' method as it thoroughly washes the carpet/rug achieving unquestionably better results. Up to 90% of the water is sucked back out, this means there's no chance of shrinkage, it also allows you to walk on the carpet the second we have finished.

One of our sayings is 'It's better out than in' because once we are done the dirt will definitely be 'out' your carpet/rug and in our extraction machine. Customers love seeing the dirty water in our machine (but often shocked to see what's been lurking in their carpets and rugs!).

Heavily soiled or stained areas are first treated with a spot stain remover and then scrubbed before sucked out.

We don’t just clean carpets & rugs but also upholstery, curtains and even mattresses. Protection treatments to prevent re-soiling are also available.

Spray Extraction Carpet Cleaning in Leicester

No Prizes for guessing which half of the Carpet we've Cleaned!

Protection Treatments are Available

Protection Treatments can be applied to your carpets, rugs and upholstery etc. This produces an invisible protective barrier that prevents the penetration of liquids and dirt etc. Please ring for details

Carpet Protection, Scotchgard Treatment available in Leicester


Questions about Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Q. How long do the Carpets/Rugs  take to dry?

A. This is dependent on how dirty they are and therefore how much we have to go over them. As a general rule they maybe slightly damp for the remainder of the day, however sometimes they can be dry with in an hour.

Q. How long is it before we can walk on the Carpets?

A. With clean shoes you can walk on the carpets immediately they won't be damaged.

Q. Will the carpets/rugs  shrink?

A. There is no chance of Shrinkage as our machine takes up to 90% of the water back out

Q. Can you remove stains?

A. We can remove stains yes. Naturally what has caused the stain will determine how difficult it is to get out but you will be surprised at what stains we can shift.

Q. Do you offer Stain Protection Treatments for both Carpets and Upholstery?

A. Yes we offer it for both carpets and upholstery. Naturally there is an additional cost for this so please ask us for a quote.

Q. Do you move the furniture?

A. Yes we can do that for you providing nothing is exceptionally heavy or fragile

Q. What kind of Carpets can you Clean?

A. We can Clean any Kind of Carpet (we don't clean matting such as Sisal, Sea-grass and Coir)

Q. Do you do both Domestic and Commercial work?

A. Yes we are more than happy to do both

Q. Do you clean Upholstery?

A. Yes see our web page dedicated to this

Q. Do you Clean Mattresses?

A. Yes we do Mattresses

Q. Can you clean Curtains?

A. Yes we can clean curtains in-situ (at your property)

Q. How Much do you charge?

A. Surprising Little. It's normally based on the size, how dirty it is and the distance needed to travel. Please give us a ring for a friendly no obligation free quote.

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