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After a while a building and its surroundings can look worse for wear as a result of moss, lichen and general dirt and grime. Yet it’s nothing a professional pressure washer and experienced operator cannot shift! You’ll be amazed at the results we achieve. It makes everything look not just cleaner but also so much brighter!

We clean block paving, slabs, decking, all types of outside walls (height no problem) with pressurised water. It easily blasts away stubborn dirt but won’t damage the surface. It’s not always necessary to use chemicals so there’s no chance of harming any nearby plants.

Our pressure washers blast the water out far more powerfully than any domestic machine. Not only that – they also rotate the water jet at up to 2000 times per minute, so nothing gets in its way! However, where necessary the water pressure can be lowered. We’ll pressure wash anything, , brickwork, conservatories, decking, railings, fencing, shop fronts  – anything!

As an additional service, outside walls and paving can be sealed, this extends the time moss etc. can grow back. Sealing the surfaces makes them water-resistant thereby preventing damage caused by frost and other problems associated with water.

Cleaning Patio. Cleaning Drive. Pressure washing Slabs.

See how the surface cleaner easily shifts the slabs dirt 

For certain jobs we  use 'Surface Cleaners'  such as this. It allows us to clean large areas quickly and efficiently using the minimum amount of water.

Guess which half of the Decking we've cleaned!

We use less water pressure for cleaning decking than for  paving and brickwork etc.  

Decking Cleaning. Pressure washing Decking  in Leicestershire


Questions about Pressure Washing

Q. Does the Pressure Washer use much water?

A. Surprisingly the Pressure Washer uses much less water than you would think. Less than half that of a garden hose

Q. Will you move the garden furniture?

A. Yes provided it's within reason

Q. Do you pressure wash walls and other vertical surfaces? 

A. Yes we pressure wash anything just give us a call

Q. Do you Clean up after yourselves?

A. Certainly Do! We are a cleaning Business and wouldn't dream of leaving your place a mess 

Q. Do fill the gaps between the block paving? 

A. Yes for an additional fee we return once the paving has dried and fill any gaps with Kiln Dried Sand

Q. Can you seal our Drive/Patio   

A. Yes sealant treatments are available. These Protect Patios, Paths, Natural Stone, Concrete and Block Paving from the effects of Sunlight, Water, Oil, Petrol And Fungal/Moss Growth.

Q. What kind of Patio's and Drives do you clean.  

A. We can Clean any kind, block paving, slabs, concrete and tarmac (providing the tarmac is not too old to withstand the pressure)

Q. Do you do both Domestic and Commercial work?

A. Yes we are more than happy to do both

Q. How do you give us a Quotation.

A. Normally we pop round to have a quick look at the job. However sometimes quotes can be given by  phone if you call with the approximate dimensions and good description of the job. Alternatively you could send us a few photo's

Q. How Much do you charge?

A. Surprising Little. It's normally based on the size, how dirty it is and the distance needed to travel. Please give us a ring for a friendly no obligation free quote.

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