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We don't just clean Carpets but also fabric and leather upholstery.  Fabric suites are cleaned using an extraction machine whilst the leather suites are cleaned by hand.

Fabric Suites

Fabric suites are cleaned using the same method we use for cleaning carpets and rugs.  A mixture of low foam shampoo and warm water is sprayed deep into the fabric, its then sucked out immediately. As the cleaning solution is sucked out it brings with it all the deep embedded dirt from your sofa.

Up to 90% of the cleaning fluid that's sprayed into upholstery is taken back out, this means it dries quickly and can soon be sat on once again.

Leather Suites 

Leather Suites are cleaned by hand using a strong yet gentle leather cleaning solution. Once the sofa has been thoroughly cleaned it's wiped over with a damp cloth and clean water, left to dry then conditioned. Leather like all off us just needs love care and attention and that's exactly what we give it!

Fabric Upholstery cleaning in Leicester

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning

We clean all types of fabric using the spray extraction method. Its easy to see which side of this chair we have cleaned. It's just a matter of time dilegance and care

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather suites always come up a treat. Look at the side we have cleaned it's almost a different colour. Its all about the right cleaning solution, plenty of experience plus lots of elbow grease!

Leather cleaning.  Cleaning leather upholstery. Cleaning leather suite, chair sofa.


Questions about Upholstery Cleaning

Q. How long does the fabric take to dry?

A. This is dependent on how dirty the upholstery is and therefore how much water/shampoo we need to apply. As a general rule they maybe slightly damp for the remainder of the day, however sometimes they can be dry with in an hour. If you need to sit on it immediately then simply place a sheet over it.

Q. Will the upholstery shrink?

A. There is no chance of Shrinkage as our machine takes up to 90% of the water back out

Q. Can you remove stains?

A. We can remove stains yes. Naturally what has caused the stain will determine how difficult it is to get out but you will be surprised at what  we can shift. If we can't get a stain out then believe us .... nobody can !

Q. Do you offer Stain Protection Treatments for Upholstery?

A. Yes we offer it for both carpets and upholstery. Naturally there is an additional cost for this so please ask us for a quote.

Q. What kind of Upholstery can you Clean?

A. We can Clean any kind of Fabric or Leather  Upholstery (we don't clean Suede)

Q. Is the cleaning solution you use on leather suites gentle?

A. Yes gentle but strong it won't dry your leather out, yet does an amazing job of removing years of dirt and grease etc

Q. Do you Condition the leather?

A. Yes once thoroughly cleaned the leather is conditioned

Q. Do you do both Domestic and Commercial work?

A. Yes we are more than happy to do both

Q. Do you Clean Carpets and Rugs?

A. Yes see our web page dedicated to this

Q. Do you Clean Mattresses?

A. Yes we do Mattresses

Q. Can you clean Curtains?

A. Yes we can clean curtains in-situ (at your property)

Q. How Much do you charge?

A. Surprising Little. It's normally based on the size, how dirty it is and the distance needed to travel. Please give us a ring for a friendly no obligation free quote

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